Tibetan Medicine with Menpa Kunchog October 18-21, 2019

Menpa Kunchog

White Lotus is pleased to announce a program on Tibetan Medicine with Menpa Kunchog.

Tibet holds a vast and flourishing science of herbal and naturopathic medicine which includes healing modalities such as meditation, mantra, and so forth. To understand Tibetan medicine requires extensive training, education and practice with experienced doctors.

Menpa Kunchog is a traditionally trained doctor of Tibetan medicine having been thoroughly educated in Tibet before coming to the United States. Once here, he continued supplementing his extensive training with studies in acupuncture and other disciplines at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, graduating in April 2019. He now sees patients at his own clinic in Manhattan where he lives with his wife and two children.

The program will consist of:     Click here for DETAILED INFO

  • Doctor consults
  • Film and discussion
  • Lectures and self-healing demonstrations
  • Medicine Buddha practice

Consults will consist of urine analysis, pulse reading, and questioning of the patient. Detailed information will be sent to those who request appointments with the doctor.

For more detailed information on Dr Kunchog and the Tibetan Medicine Program, please go to Tibetan Medicine Program.