Summer Meditation Retreat with Khenpo Konchok Molam, July 24, 25, 26

At White Lotus Buddhist Center, 815 Park Ave 2nd floor, Rochester NY

The essential purpose of any type of practice is working with our own mind so we can be of benefit to others. This meditation retreat is perfect for people new to meditation as well as those practitioners with extensive experience.

By calming the mind through concentration meditation (shamata) we open ourselves to insights into the true nature of our mind (vipassana) meditation.

Khenpo Molam will teach these different types of meditation, discussing when and how to transition from shamata to vipassana as well as eventually from vipassana to mahamudra. Each session will include both instruction and actual practice followed by discussion/Q & A. The Lama will also elucidate how deity (or sadhana) practice corresponds to shamata and vipassana.

Eventually, if time permits, we will continue on to a deeper understanding of deity practice (visualization) – the outer vs inner levels and how to bring practice into daily life.

Program Details / Registration

YOU MUST ATTEND the entire retreat or not at all. With social distancing, there are spaces for 15 people. Masks are required in the hallway. When you are in your seat, you will not be required to wear them.

We are pleased to be able to offer this program at a very low cost.  Registration is on a sliding scale: any amount you choose between $30-$65 will cover the entire retreat.

For those who were registered for Lama Dawa Zangmo’s retreat in March and did NOT ask for a refund,  you may use that payment, but you must still let us know you plan to attend. Please email us at

Those who did NOT register for the retreat in March, you may register here. Just click on the Donate button below and enter your offering. Thank you!

Daily Schedule:  Friday July 24, 7:00-8:30 PM                                                   Saturday & Sunday July 25 & 26,  10:00 AM-12:00 Noon & 2:00-4:30 PM

Lunch:  bring your own bag lunch or walk down Park Ave to pick something up. Also, bring your own beverage in a covered mug or thermos with your name on it. Because the water in the building has not been used in several months, it is not presently potable.

Reminder: there will be an opportunity to make individual offerings to Lama Dawa at the end of the program. Envelopes will be provided, please bring your own katag (white offering scarf).