Dzambhala Prosperity Vases – Purchase one for your home!

Vases come in bronze, red or maroon (the gold color vases are all gone). They are 4″ x 4″ – perfect size for a home altar. Read more to see how you can purchase one for your own home or Dharma Center.


From a talk given by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche June 1, 2018 at White Lotus Buddhist Center:

There are three ways to understand what a prosperity vase is. First, it is a palace for the deity. Secondly, it becomes the deity itself. And thirdly, it is a source of infinite offering goddesses who come and present whatever offerings are needed or wished for. These three qualities are shared by both vases and stupas. In addition, as these vases have been consecrated according to Dzambhala* they are embued with blessings from the deity. Having one of these vases in your home brings blessings both to the beings in your home and the outer environment. So it’s a really wonderful thing to have a vase like this.

When we talk about Dzambhala and wealth practices, basically we’re saying that we need love because the world can be full of material wealth and yet without love there’s no happiness. So, when we say prosperity or good fortune, what we’re talking about is love – because that’s what brings happiness. Otherwise, without love you can have a hundred million dollars and just be a hungry ghost.

*[Dzambhala is an emanation of Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. He is particular known for eliminating poverty and granting financial stability.]

If you would like to purchase a Prosperity Vase for your home or for a gift, you can do so here OR at the White Lotus Buddhist Center.

Pick up your vase at White Lotus: $125.  OR, have your vase shipped to you anywhere within the United States for a total donation of $140.  Please contact us for shipping outside the U.S.

Under “Add special instructions to the seller” – be sure to specify the color vase you would like and the name and address to which the vase should be shipped. Thank you!

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