White Lotus continues to pray for the well-being of all . . .


May every being ailing with disease / Be freed at once from every malady                       May all the sickness that afflicts the living / Be instantly and permanently healed. (Shantideva)

Schedule for September

Sundays  10:00-11:30 AM  Prayers, Dharma Talk with Frank and Meditation on Parnashavari at the Center and via FaceBook live-stream (White Lotus Buddhist Center)

In addition, Khenpo Molam will continue his teachings on the Four Mis-Apprehensions. (this part of the morning is NOT live-streamed).

Tuesdays, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29   7-8:30 PM  White Tara Practice and Teachings by Khenpo Molam on Gampopa’s The Precious Garland of the Sublime Path                via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/802199373?pwd=OVJVNXRFVUdOY2VJMnBoL2JETWQ2QT09

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Tara Parnashavari, Pacifier of Disease and Epidemics

Parnashavari Tara, the Supreme mother of all Buddhas, manifests in this form to pacify diseases.
OM PI-SHA-TSI PAR-NA-SHA-WARI SARVA MA-RI PRA-SHA-MA-NI HUNG                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa283KPFon

Out of the mandala of dharmakaya’s great bliss
You protect against dangerous diseases like epidemics
And against untimely death-
I pay homage to you, the mother of wish-fulfilling activities.
You, golden-colored Parnashavari, sit on a lotus seat,
Your main face is yellow, the right one blue, and the left one white
Your hair is bound up in a topknot, and you are full of splendor-                                           I pay homage to the divine body of the goddess granting accomplishments.
You, Illustrious One, are the embodiment of wisdom and compassion,
You stand in the midst of masses of fire, burning like at the end of time,
With your three faces and six arms, you look terribly wrathful-
I pay homage to you, whose one leg is stretched and the other bend.
You, who wears a robe of leaves, hold bow and arrow,
Battle ax, and a bunch of branches.
Parnashavari, you show the threatening mudra and hold a vajra
I pay homage to you, great mother, protectress of beings.

By this virtue,
may I swiftly accomplish Parnashavari
and establish all beings without exception in her state.

This was taken from the collected works of Drikung Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön

POSTPONED: Meditation Retreat with Lama Dawa Zangmo

Dawa Zangmo with HE Garchen Rinpoche 2015


Saturday & Sunday, March 14 & 15, 2020

The essential purpose of any type of practice is working with our own mind so we can be of benefit to others. This 2-day meditation retreat is perfect for people new to meditation as well as those practitioners with extensive experience.

By calming the mind through concentration meditation (shamata) we open ourselves to insights into the true nature of our mind (vipassana) meditation.

Lama Dawa Zangmo, known to many of you as Zhuravka, will teach these different types of meditation, discussing when and how to transition from shamata to vipassana as well as eventually from vipassana to mahamudra. Each session will include instruction and actual practice followed by discussion/Q & A. The Lama will also elucidate how deity (or sadhana) practice corresponds to shamata and vipassana.

Eventually, if time permits, we will continue on to a deeper understanding of deity practice (visualization) – the outer vs inner levels and how to bring practice into daily life.

Lama Dawa Zangmo successfully completed the first traditional three year retreat under the direction of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche in Arizona. She continued her retreat for a fourth year in order to stabilize her meditation and clarify her understanding after which Garchen Rinpoche named her a Lama and asked her to teach.  She is the head of his sangha in Ukraine and resides in Toronto.

Program Details / Registration

YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH DAYS IN FULL. A vegetarian lunch of soup & salad, bread & spread, and fruit is included with your registration. 

Daily Schedule:  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM with breaks for tea and lunch.

Please register by March 10, or let us know via e-mail info@whitelotusdharma.org by March 10 if you plan to come – so the cook has time to prepare!

Registration:  We are pleased to be able to offer this program at a very low cost.  Registration is on a sliding scale: any amount you choose between $35-$75 will cover both days of retreat plus lunch each day.      

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Reminder: there will be an opportunity to make individual offerings to Lama Dawa at the end of the program. Envelopes will be provided, please bring your own katag (white offering scarf).



Six Perfections Audio Recording Now Available

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

In 2015, during a Vajrakilaya Retreat sponsored by White Lotus Buddhist Center, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche taught on The Six Transcendent Perfections (Paramitas in Skt). The Perfections are the cause of Buddhahood in action – generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, meditation and wisdom. Here, Rinpoche teaches on the first five Perfections which, infused by Wisdom,  are the means by which the Sixth Perfection (Prajna Paramita) is attained.  Altogether they comprise the training of a bodhisattva and thus serve as an essential guide for Mahayana Buddhist practitioners.

White Lotus Buddhist Center is offering this exquisite set of teachings for DOWNLOAD at the low price of $15.

For more information and/or to purchase this DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE.