About White Lotus Buddhist Center


White Lotus Buddhist Center is dedicated to the transmission of Buddha’s teachings and realization to America and to the spiritual benefit of its members. 

“Buddhism is a teaching about how to live in peace, joy and harmony. It shows us how to be liberated from cravings, greed, addictions, envy, prejudice, anger, hatred, ill-will, confusion, fear and ignorance. In short, it is about freeing ourselves from all afflictions that cause suffering. Ultimately, it directs the followers to break the bondage of birth and death through their own efforts and wisdom. On a higher level, it is the teaching beyond worldly knowledge which leads to the realization of the Truth (reality of all things).” Chanshan Temple 


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Rochester NY 14610-0384
Email: info@whitelotusdharma.org

815 Park Ave. (2nd floor)
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