Members Help White Lotus:


*Maintain a place for Buddhist practice and study.
*Continue a rich offering of teachings and empowerments from different Lamas at fees more people can afford.
*Alleviate the suffering of Tibetans in exile and in Tibet through our charitable projects.


Becoming a member is an act of generosity – Please join!

Friend of White Lotus:      $108 per year

Member of White Lotus:
Membership paid in full by December 1st each year entitles one to a vote in the annual corporate meeting in December where Trustees are elected:

Sliding scale:                     Per month                      Per year   
Sustaining Member           $30-$49                           $360-$599
Family (or couple)              $40-$49                           $480-$599
Benefactor                          $50-$99                           $600-$1199
Bodhisattva                         $100 and up                  $1,200 and up

There are two ways to join:
1) Fill out a membership form and mail it to White Lotus Buddhist Center, P.O. Box 10384, Rochester NY 14610.

2) Or, join now using Pay Pal. Your donation will determine your membership level.  If you wish to set up a recurring monthly donation, simply choose that option when putting in your payment information. Thank you!