Parnashavari Meditation Practice

Tara Parnashavari,
Pacifier of Disease and Epidemics


Parnashavari Tara, the Supreme mother of all Buddhas, manifests in this form to pacify diseases.


Out of the mandala of dharmakaya’s great bliss
You protect against dangerous diseases like epidemics
And against untimely death-

I pay homage to you, the mother of wish-fulfilling activities.
You, golden-colored Parnashavari, sit on a lotus seat,
Your main face is yellow, the right one blue, and the left one white

Your hair is bound up in a topknot, and you are full of splendor-

 I pay homage to the divine body of the goddess granting accomplishments.

You, Illustrious One, are the embodiment of wisdom and compassion,

You stand in the midst of masses of fire, burning like at the end of time,

With your three faces and six arms, you look terribly wrathful-
I pay homage to you, whose one leg is stretched and the other bend.

You, who wears a robe of leaves, hold bow and arrow,
Battle ax, and a bunch of branches.

Parnashavari, you show the threatening mudra and hold a vajra
I pay homage to you, great mother, protectress of beings.

By this virtue, may I swiftly accomplish Parnashavari
and establish all beings without exception in her state.

This was taken from the collected works
of Drikung Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön